F.L.O.W – Five Letters One Word iOS Game

F.L.O.W is the ultimate word game. You need to unscramble the 5 letter word and guess it correctly to score points.

It comes with two awesome game modes, Normal and Rush Mode.

Normal mode: 2 minutes on the countdown, you need to get as many correct words as you can, but you are only allowed to skip the shown word 3 times, after that, you’re going to have to use your brain to decipher the anagram.

Rush Mod: is a 60 second scramble where getting the ones you know is the most important, in this mode there’s unlimited amount word skips, but be sure not to shuffle too much as points are at stake.

F.L.O.W will wake your brain up in the morning and evening, it’s a challenging, brain teasing and intense game that the whole family can enjoy. Compare you’re scores on the leader boards and try to beat users from all around the world.

Click here to download from the iOS AppStore