Picsel Perfect. iOS Game

Picsel Perfect is a fast paced, heart pounding addictive one tap reaction game.

When you’re in game, you’ll notice at first 1 large square with white borders – this is you’r holding square – NEVER, EVER touch the borders!

Another random colored square, now this is your target area.

And then, a few short seconds after, a random colored square will increase in size growing towards the edge of the target area. Ideally you want to tap the screen when the growing square touches the edge of the target so that the difference in size between the growing square and target is exactly 0px.

Now this is tough, very tough, especially when the growing square eventually picks up the pace.

You’ll notice on the right hand side there’s a green icon – this specifies what’s the minimum distance/size +/- you can stop the growing square from the target. If the difference in size is greater than that the icon specifies then you’re going to have a bad time.

If you get the distance 1.5px or less your score will decrease – remember the aim of the game is to get very low px’s.

You can get a score decrease too (this is a good thing remember) when you get a decent run going.

But if you get a losing streak, you’re px’s will go sky high. So you better concentrate, you better react quick enough to be Picsel Perfect

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