2D Games

We have always been interested in games here at Picsel 28,  and we have been developing 2D games for a long time, but most of the time we’ve given up on development and moved on to something different.   But recently, we have had an urge to start develop more 2D games.

We’ve started by making F.L.O.W version 2.0,  which was initially developed using Stencyl, a great game maker studio.    But most recently we’ve revamped the UI and developed it using HTML, CSS and jQuery.   We plan on releasing this as an open source project on GitHub, so keep an eye out.

We also released What the Op? for iOS,  and this was inspired by an idea we had years ago,  and finally just developed it.   It’s aim was to get children and adults more interested in mathematics, by trying to making it fun and brain teasing.   This was also developed in HTML, CSS and jQuery.

We’re quite busy here at Picsel 28, we have 3 other projects in development,   on game will be released soon,  and the other two will be released early 2018.    So keep coming back for up to date news.

Sbot On!

SbotOn? iOS Game SbotOn! is a fast paced, fun and addictive game that tests your reaction speed to the max. Which of the two circles on the screen is the smallest? You should look carefully and choose. SbotOn! has 4 game modes: SbotOn! Mode - 20 seconds start time on...

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Picsel Perfect.

Picsel Perfect. iOS Game Picsel Perfect is a fast paced, heart pounding addictive one tap reaction game. When you're in game, you'll notice at first 1 large square with white borders - this is you'r holding square - NEVER, EVER touch the borders! Another random...

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F.LO.W – Five Letters One Word

F.L.O.W - Five Letters One Word iOS Game F.L.O.W is the ultimate word game. You need to unscramble the 5 letter word and guess it correctly to score points. It comes with two awesome game modes, Normal and Rush Mode. Normal mode: 2 minutes on the countdown, you need...

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What The Op?

What The Op? iOS Game What The Op is a fast paced mathematical operation guessing game. It trains your brain to be superior at mathematical calculations and to be better at understanding the four basic mathematical operations - Addition - Subtraction - Division -...

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