Mobile/Web apps

Mobile / Web apps are hybrid applications that are developed in HTML, CSS and JS, which work on multiple platforms.

We create our mobile web apps by using the latest web technologies e.g: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery etc…. 

This then is packaged up in a framework called Cordova (PhoneGap), this then allows us to export to multiple app stores e.g AppStore, Play Store. 

By using this framework we have access to majority of the native API’s that devices offer e.g Accelerometer, camera etc…  And by using clean CSS and Javascript we can give these hybrid apps a native look and feel without compromise.  

Our current project is the Croeso i Gaernarfon v.2 app.  

The aim of the app is to aid visitors and the local population to the shops, stores, restaurants etc… in Caernarfon.   Caernarfon attracts thousands of tourists each year,  and we think the historic town deservers a app that guides these visitors around, and help boost visitor numbers for local businesses. 

The app is currently in development, but you can visit the website until it’s released.  We aim to get it released by the end of 2017, at the latest January 2018 on both iOS and Android devices.